Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Week

Eating ice cream at Ikea
Cleaning ice cream off the showroom floor at Ikea
One habit we have been working on is cleaning up. While at Ikea, knowing better, I let my three year old carry what was left of her ice cream through the store. In an Ikea-haze, I didn't see my daughter accidentally drop her cup on the floor. Still talking to my husband about furniture, my daughter pulled the paper napkins out of my hand, and I kept talking. Then my husband pointed to our child on her hands and knees, cleaning up her mess without either of us having told her to do so. It was a beautiful moment.
My daughter's Frida Kahlo hair-do

This week, her Bible class learned about Zaccheus. We've watched A LOT of Veggie Tales, so it shouldn't surprise me that, on the car ride home, when telling me about the wee-little man who climbed the tree with his bag of money to see Jesus, she insisted the man attached to her popsicle stick was named "Zucchini."

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