Friday, November 6, 2015

A "Typical" School Day

1. This morning, we finished the part of Charlotte's Web in which Templeton brings back the word "humble" for Charlotte to weave into her web. We're nearing the end of the book, which means a few things. First, I know Charlotte is going to die, so I get a little choked up whenever I read a line foreshadowing her death. Second, there is the question of what to read next. My daughter asked for more Brambly Hedge and more Milly Molly Mandy. We have The Complete Brambly Hedge, which is beautiful, and was well worth the wait and the price for an import. I just found a used hardcover copy - like new - of More Milly Molly Mandy for less than $3. Yay! If it arrives by the time we finish Charlotte's Web, we will read that next. If not, we will probably read Little House in the Big Woods.

2. Our math lesson tonight:
We're working on adding 2 two-digit numbers without regrouping. I was impressed that my daughter was using skip counting (learned in Classical Conversations) to add 4+4 and 3+3. I also found it interesting that she wanted to do the problem in her head, instead of telling me the ones then the tens. I did teach it to her the standard way, but if she wants to use mental math and get the correct answer, I'm not going to stop her. When it's time to learn regrouping, she'll follow the steps and it won't be an issue.

3. She practiced "A Happy Melody" on the piano. We reviewed our music flash cards, and located all of the A keys.

4. Our "read together" is The Magic Treehouse: Hour of the Olympics. We read Chapters 6 and 7. While she can read at a 3rd grade level, she doesn't have the endurance to read a chapter book on her own. Yet.

5. We played the Classical Conversations memory work CD for Week 7. (This week in CC, they looked at crayfish, and she presented the fox purse she sewed last weekend.)
6. Now that she can read, she can do Duolingo, so the day before yesterday, I set up an account for her. Tonight she completed Spanish Basics 1 - Lesson 3 and Phrases - Lesson 1.

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