Sunday, October 25, 2015

What We've Been Up To The Past Few Days

1. I let my four year old daughter use a real knife for the first time Sunday night. She was making an omelet. We discussed putting the other hand on top of the knife, curving fingers, going slowly, positioning whatever is being cut flat-side down, and never trying to catch a falling knife.

2. While watching PBS, a commercial for a documentary about Queen Victoria came on, and my daughter said, "British Queen Victoria ruled over India" - a snippet of Classical Conversations timeline song. She's making connections. I love it.

3. My little guppy is really working hard at learning to swim. She's almost done with her second session of swim lessons, and I can't believe how quickly she's progressed from being hesitant to go under water, to this:
That is her in her "boy swim suit" - which came out of the Lost and Found on the day the wrong bag got taken to swim class. 

4. I dug out a DK Action Pack I bought a decade ago when I was teaching middle school history. They don't sell these anymore! :( My daughter had fun decoding the message in hieroglyphs. (A giant sphinx guards my tomb. Who am I?... The answer is Pharaoh Khafre.)
We also put together a model of a pyramid...
...which she wanted to wear as a hat...
5. And here is a shot of my baby ballerina :

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