Sunday, October 11, 2015


One of my favorite childhood memories is of going to the county fair with my dad. And one of my favorite parts of the fair was the livestock building. I was so excited to see all of the animals.

Now, I love that my daughter gets to make these memories with her grandpa.

The Big Fresno Fair's livestock building is no longer cows, sheep, and pigs. It also includes a hands-on section for children called Ag-Ventureland.

Ag-Ventureland had a corn-kernel box (instead of a sand box), magnet boards, lift-the-flap boards, farm blocks, and a trough filled with dirt and potatoes. Because what child doesn't like digging in the dirt? It's one of my daughter's most favorite things. Here she is pretending to be a potato farmer...
...and pushing her wheelbarrow full of fruits and vegetables.
She also participated in the Kids' Pedal Tractor Pull. To see what this is, click here. My dad and I had such a good time cheering on the little ones trying to pedal the 25-foot distance.

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  1. I love the idea of a tractor pull for kids. That sounds like a lot of fun.