Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today's Breakfast in the Classroom

School started at 8:20, and we weren't done with breakfast until after 9:00. Two unopened milks and two perfect apples were put on the "common table" (food kids don't want, but that other kids can eat second helpings) and not consumed, so they had to go into the trash. (There were also coffee cake muffins, string cheese, and apples - five of each I think - that were never taken out of the insulated bag that had to be returned to the cafeteria to be counted and then go into the trash.) No milk was spilled, but before breakfast had even been passed out, one student spilled his full water bottle on his desk, and on the table with all of my equipment (laptop, projector, document reader) as well as a thesaurus, and onto the floor and onto a - thankfully - unplugged surge protector.

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