Saturday, August 1, 2015

Through the Eyes of a Preschooler

My four year old likes to cook, and now that she can read quite a bit, she enjoyed reading a recipe for French omelettes. She cracked the eggs, beat the eggs, added salt, spooned the butter into the hot pan, and watched it melt. I added some of the melted butter to the beaten eggs because this part is a mommy-job. She poured the eggs into the pan, pricked the omelette with a fork, helped me slice cheese, and added it to her omelette.

She ate the whole thing.
This painting started out as a green letter "n." Then it became a pair of green goggles. Then land. Then she told me she was making "the waters above and the waters below" (we've been doing Grapevine stick-figuring), and she painted the vertical blue line and declared it a waterfall. Next, she painted a very, very long "canoe with a yellow sail" (about to go over the waterfall, which didn't seem to bother her). She painted nine purple people in the canoe, and then giggled and told me it was raining. She decided the people needed red raincoats.
Here's where we are in reading (The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington).
A couple of minutes of piano practice. Merrily we roll along...
Time to play baseball!

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  1. Your daughter is a genius! I can't believe she can make her own omelette at 4!

    It's funny we use all the same books. I use exactly the same music book AND Wise book!

    1. She made another one for dinner tonight! She's on an omelette kick. :)

      And it's funny because she insisted on making the French omelette instead of the "puffy omelette" recipe (which involves putting the lid on the pan). I said, "Why don't we try the puffy one, and she snapped, "No! The French!"

      So cool about the books! :)