Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The First Day of School

  1. I let the Teletubbies babysit my child for an hour so I could grade reading diagnostic tests.
  2. 73% of my class is reading on level! :)
  3. I only have 22 students, which means that one of our (eight) 4th grade classes will most likely be collapsed, and the students in that class will be dispersed to the remaining seven classes. I have more seniority than a couple of the teachers at my grade level, so it will not be my class that is collapsed.
  4. None of my students were disrespectful toward me. None of my students were violent toward anyone. No one tattled on anyone after recess or lunch. YAY!!! (This is the opposite of how last year started off.)
  5. My principal (new to our school) complimented my class on how nicely they walked through the hallway. YAY!!!
  6. I "clocked out" (stopped grading papers, making heterogeneous groups, making homogeneous reading groups for phonics instruction, making a painstakingly-thought-out seating chart) at  7:45 p.m. People who think that teachers only work 8 to 3 - you are so so wrong.
  7. My legs hurt. I walked 6.34 miles yesterday (including 14 flights of stairs) walking back and forth across campus, setting up my classroom. Today, while teaching, I "only" walked 4 miles. ;)
  8. My daughter is enjoying Art Camp this week. Today, she made chocolate chip pancakes and painted a cardboard castle. :)
  9. While I was at work, my husband went grocery shopping - without me having to make a list! :) :) :)


  1. I bet you're a wonderful teacher. Those kids are blessed.

    1. Thank you so much Melanie. I'm trying :)