Monday, November 28, 2016

Kindergarten Week 15

We traveled home from visiting family in Central California. This is Gemma "trainschooling" in the dining car. (This is also the only math lesson we did all week; I'm not counting reviewing all of our skip counting songs. We actually did more math on our Thanksgiving break than this week.)
Over Thanksgiving, Gemma mentioned John Henry. I'm not sure where she heard of him, but while we were at the library, I checked out Ezra Jack Keat's picture book about John Henry, as well as the Disney's American Legends DVD (with cartoons about John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, and Casey Jones). Both are great. (I remembered watching - and loving - those Disney cartoons when I was little, so I was excited to share them with Gemma.)

Our afterschool co-op lesson was about birthday celebrations around the world. We sang Happy Birthday in several different languages, learned about how different cultures celebrate birthdays, and learned about the women who wrote the Happy Birthday song. Then the kids got to have sensory play with shaving foam and water beads to make birthday cakes. These are two of my favorite pictures...
The Tinker Group built a castle with a working drawbridge at the beach.
We went to a birthday party at the Santa Monica Airport's...
...observation deck...
The guests got to sit in a plane and pretend to be pilots.
Gemma reviewed her CC memory work, practiced piano daily ("Sing We Now of Christmas" is one of the new songs she's been working on), practiced the songs she's singing in the Christmas pageant at church, and went to dance class.
We did a Mad Lib...
One of our December traditions is going to see The Nutcracker. I'm not good at tradition-keeping, but this one is doable. Gemma said her favorite scene is the "scary part" when the mice come while Clara is sleeping on the couch.

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