Monday, November 21, 2016

Kindergarten Week 14

In Sunday School, the lesson was about rebuilding the temple, so we made "moon sand" to build a temple.
Gemma went to Classical Conversations and practiced her tin whistle.
My husband dropped off our Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Gemma picked out band-aids, Kleenex, a wash cloth, a brush, a comb, sharpened pencils, a pencil sharpener, markers, a pad of paper, ponytail holders, headbands, a bag that folds up, a pair of socks, a toothbrush, a plastic cup, a stuffed animal, and a card.
Our afterschool co-op had a Thanksgiving theme this week. The host-mom planned an amazing lesson about the first Thanksgiving. The children got to choose whether they wanted to be pilgrims or Native Americans. Gemma chose to be a Native American...
...which meant that I was also a Native American.
The pilgrims sailed this...
...and it landed on this...
The topic this month is "Foreign Languages," so Host-Mom J wrote a Native American symbol on each plate. Each child got to translate the message on his or her plate. This plate says "happy."
Host-Mom J made these "Thanksgiving-in-a-Roll" rolls by putting turkey, stuffing, sweet potato, and cranberry sauce inside a Pillsbury roll (yum!)...
...and served mini pumpkin pies.
We took the bus/train to visit our family for Thanksgiving. I downloaded some Storynory podcasts onto my phone (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) and Gemma read along with the audiobook.
We continued listening to episodes (chapters) throughout the week.

We also sang (daily) "Go Tell It On The Mountain," reviewed multiplication flash cards a few times, read a couple Life of Fred: Ice Cream chapters, reviewed (daily) this week's Classical Conversations memory work, and practiced piano (daily) on Grandma's keyboard.
Gemma bowled with Grandma...
Poppa took Gemma shopping for a couple of toys to donate to Toys for Tots. (In this photo, Poppa is saying, "I had nothing to do with Gemma's choices.")
Then he took her to the pond to feed the geese.
On Thanksgiving, we went to my husband's parents' house. Here is a picture of Ita (short for Abuelita) and Gemma gathering eggs...
Gemma had fun being outside with the chickens and raking.
We also went to my dad's house, but I was - again - too busy talking to remember to take pictures.

Gemma drew these elves building a snowman. She asked Grandma to draw the elf hats (in the air, because the elves are celebrating).

Finally - as is our tradition - the day after Christmas, we took Gemma to see Santa Claus.

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