Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kindergarten Week 16

We started the week with Christmas pageant rehearsal.
After church, there was an Advent lunch. Gemma made Christmas ornaments.
This week's afterschool co-op was about octopuses (yes, that is the plural of octopus). In addition to learning fun facts about the octopus and how to play octopus tag, the kids made balloon animal octopuses.
There was, of course, a trip to the beach.
Here is Gemma learning a new song from her Alfred Prep piano book...
She got to see a performance of A Christmas Carol.
My friend Lynn gave us matching panda bear hats, which we then wore on a walk. We got lots of smiles.
She graduated from friendly beast to shepherdess. Here is a picture from the pageant's dress rehearsal:
There was dance class...
...and the CC Christmas party.
We read, but I didn't keep track of what. Oops.

I do know we read one chapter of Life of Fred: Ice Cream.

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