Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week in Review

1)We started out the week with the Christmas pageant. My daughter was a cow and sang three songs - O Come All Ye Faithful, Get Ready for the Baby, and Alleluia - but her favorite song from the pageant was one the big kids sang - That Boy Child of Mary.
2)On Monday, Daddy took Daughter to Classical Conversations. Here they are categorizing living things.

3)Tuesday, my school district cancelled school due to terrorism threats. My daughter didn't need to know that; she thought it was a holiday. We played CVC Words Learning Lift Off (with Rudolph the Reindeer and Hermey the Elf as game pieces...twice), did an endangered animals puzzle, built shapes with Learning Resources Dive Into Shapes, and played Memory. Then we took her bike to the park.
4)We've been enjoying stories in My Bookhouse Volume 1. One night we read The Little Engine That Could, and another night we read a story called "A Quick Running Squash." The story made me think of both Jack and the Beanstalk and James and the Giant Peach. In the story, a little boy is given magic seeds, which he plants. A magic "running squash" vine grows. As the squash grows bigger and bigger, it runs farther and farther away from the garden. To catch his squash, the boy has to run after it, jump on top of it, and ride it like a horse. In the end, the squash grows so big that it explodes, and everyone has squash pie for dinner. She LOVED this story.

5)Daughter did two Duolingo Spanish lessons.

6)One evening, we went Christmas caroling with church. My daughter and a little boy  were the official door knockers, while the rest of our large group waited to sing on the sidewalk.
7)Another evening, we went to our Classical Conversations Christmas party. That day after work, I had to go to the grocery store for ground beef and taco seasoning, cook the beef, and get my daughter and self ready for the party, all in about an hour. On the way to the party, I realized that I had forgotten my daughter's tin whistle, so my husband - thank you - dropped us off at the party, and went home for it. My daughter's class (4 and 5 year olds) played Mary Had a Little Lamb on their tin whistles, and all of the kids did a mini-Memory Master challenge. I was so surprised at how much she remembered.
8)We went to our friend's house for dinner and tree trimming...and dress up.
9)Daughter spent a couple of hours on Saturday playing with clay (an early Christmas gift from another friend). I made her a penguin body, and Daughter added flippers, feet, eyes, and beak, and later a scarf and hat. Then Daughter made penguin a chair and asked for a penguin desk. Then Daughter made a fire  and wanted to make a pot, so I showed her how to make a pinch pot. We suspended the pot over the fire with pipe cleaners. The penguin was the owner of a candy shop and needed the fire and pot to melt chocolate.
10)At ballet, Miss Camille showed the students how to go from an arabesque to a passé.
11)Santa is almost done building Daughter's Christmas present.