Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week in Review

1)We started the week with rehearsal for the Christmas pageant.

2)She did her Classical Conversations presentation on The Nutcracker, which we saw last weekend. I had her dictate to me what she wanted to say, and I typed it just like she said it. She added bits of information (like that Drosselmeyer had an eyepatch) and a few pirouettes. :)

3)We finished The Ordinary Parents' Guide to Reading. Simple. Inexpensive. Effective. I love this book.

4)This week, our home(pre)school co-op was about Hanukkah. The little ones made menorah crafts, and had latkes and applesauce for their snack.
5)Santa Claus is building my daughter a dollhouse - a red, three-story painted lady. The instructions said to use tape to hold it together while the glue dries.
6)My My Bookhouse books arrived. Volume One was in two pieces. I think the bookseller misunderstood the meaning of "used-very good." I contacted the seller and they refunded some of my money, and we've been - carefully - reading Volume One. One evening, we read a Dutch story about a puppet named Hansworth, and another evening, we read a Norse story about a little boy trying to get his goats out of a turnip field.
7)Daddy took Daughter to Kenneth Hahn Park for a nature walk with the group from CC.
8)She can play Jolly Old Saint Nicholas very well now and wants to learn Up On the Housetop.
9)My friendly beast finished the week with dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant.


  1. I want to read My Bookhouse too!

    Your daughter's fingers look so short compared to the piano's keys! I'm impressed that she can play on an adult piano already.

    1. You CAN read digital versions of My Bookhouse as Googlebooks! :)