Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vacation Entry 2

  • Daughter woke up at the crack of dawn, complained that it was too bright, and told me to turn off the sun.
  • PBS Kids/Breakfast
  • Mommy took a shower/Daughter danced to Tower of Power with Daddy in the living room.
  • Got ready to go to home(pre)school group at friend's house
  • Home(pre)school group class about phases of the moon. Helped daughter make Phases of the Moon poster. Kids ate crescent rolls and cut-out star-shapes from cheese slices. Mommy ate Daughter's cheese star.
  • Car ride home; Daughter cried because I ate her cheese star.
  • Mommy found our star cookie cutter and got daughter another piece of cheese. Can we please stop talking about cheese?
  • Lunch.
  • It started raining.
  • Snuggled up with Daughter and Random House Book of Poetry for Children.
  • Napped. Such luxury.
  • Finished "Teach Your Child to Read" Lesson 86 - "The Dog That Dug, Part 2." Story is about a dog who digs a hole and finds gold coins. Daughter thinks all gold coins are filled with chocolate.
  • Daughter made a tiara with Daddy (sequins, jewels, pompoms) while Mommy made dinner
  • Daughter watched Rock N Learn "Human Body" DVD. Her new favorite word is esophagus. She loves the Alimentary Canal video. The main character rides in a little boat, like an amusement park log ride, through the body and into the potty./Mommy and Daddy ate dinner.
  • Daughter asked for "chicken with black stuff" for dinner
  • Mommy cooked Daughter chicken with black stuff.
  • Daddy did dishes - thank you Daddy - while Mommy and Daughter played My Little Pony Chutes and Ladders. Mommy was Rainbow Dash and Daughter was Princess Twilight Sparkle. Daughter won. I was relieved that happened because it was our first time playing Chutes and Ladders and I make her play by the rules. 
  • Practiced the first few measures of "Row Row Row Your Boat" on piano 
  • Built a tent

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