Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Las Posadas

My husband's family has a Christmas Eve tradition of making tamales...
...and then, while the tamales are cooking, we dress the little ones (and not so little ones) up as wise men, angels, shepherds, and Joseph and Mary, and go outside to sing Pedir Posada. The song is a back and forth between the "afuera" and "adentro" singers. Those of us who are outside sing to the inside people, asking to be let in, telling who we are (Maria y Jose). The inside people sing that they have no room (at their inn) and that we must go away. Finally, we are let inside to sing the Adoracion of the baby Jesus. After this, Santa Claus arrives (he used to come at midnight! but we've thankfully moved that time up to 7:00ish). By then, the tamales are ready and we all sit down to dinner.

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