Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sew Much Fun

My three-year-old using straight pins
Last week, we went to a store where customers can design their own clothes. They have dress forms, baskets of scrap fabric, and a seemingly limitless supply of straight pins for little girls to play coutourier. My daughter spent an hour - AN HOUR! - pinning fabric to a form while I sat back at watched her practice her fine motor skills.
The dress she got to take home was slightly less avant garde.
The dress we were able to buy. (This is before it was sewn.)

First she picked a "base" - a green dress. Then I told her she could pick 5 items to go on it. She chose a jewel, three patches, and a sequined ribbon. The store employee arranged the items - with my three-year-old's approval. (My daughter insisted the yellow ladybug go in the middle of the dress.)

This fun experience could be replicated as a home birthday party. All it would take is a sewing machine, inexpensive t-shirts, and various accoutrements.

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