Thursday, August 14, 2014

A History Diagnostic

This morning (Day 3 of school), I had students make a list of "3 to 5 events that happened before today." Here is some of what they wrote:

1)Dinosaurs were alive.

2)They used carriages.

3)George Washington was the first president.

4)A lot of people died in the World War.

5)I was born August 4, 2005.

6)Dinosaurs went extinct.

7)One time I went to Six Flags.

8)One time on Thanksgiving I got bitten by a spider.

9)Abraham Lincoln was shot.*

10)I learned how to do a backflip at Skyzone.

11)I was on TV.

12)Me and my mom went to Target to get supplies.

13)Robin Williams died.


15)Independence Day

16)John F. Kennedy got shot in the head.

17)World War II started.

18)The Civil War started.**

19)Abraham Lincoln was born.***

20)A big war was made because of slaves and after the war slaves never existed.****

21)Dinosaurs were born.

22)Dodo birds went extinct.

23)I heard that a famine happened in Mexico.

24)George Washington was born.******

25)I met a girl in our class in first grade.

26)The first black baseball player was Jackie Robinson.

27)When my mommy was little, she cut the ribbon for a park opening.
28)On the first day of school, you were my teacher.

*What the student actually wrote was, "Abraham Lincoln was shot at his daughter's play."
**What the student actually wrote was, "The Silver War started."
***What the student actually wrote was, "Abraham Lincoln was born in 1972."
****I assume this student is referring to the Silver War, I mean, the Civil War.
*****What the student actually wrote was, "I hear George Washington was born in 1976." This information was from a different student than the one who wrote Lincoln was born in 1972.
I also had a student write that George Washington fought in the Civil War and after being president for 8 years "he had to stop so someone else could be the next president."
So as you can see, there are some holes in my students' understanding of history. I'm going to take some of these events and make a wall timeline in my classroom. Then, we can work on filling in blanks. Rather large blanks. 

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