Saturday, August 16, 2014

Carmen Suzy

A little over a week ago, I overheard my three-year-old talking to herself about someone named "Carmen Suzy." It seems we have entered the imaginary friend phase.

A little bit about Carmen Suzy...

ME: Where was she born?

DAUGHTER: Oh, in North America.

ME: How old is Carmen Suzy?

DAUGHTER: Oh, she's ninety-nine.

ME: Ninety-nine years old?!


ME: Ninety-nine is a lot of birthday candles.


ME: Where is Carmen Suzy?

DAUGHTER: Oh, she's at her family's house. She got a giraffe.

ME: A giraffe?

DAUGHTER: Yes. For her zoo.

ME: She has a zoo?

DAUGHTER: Yes, at her house.

ME: I see. It must be nice to have her own zoo.

DAUGHTER: Oh, it is.

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