Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Your Child is an Artist #2

A circle and line person my daughter drew a couple of months ago (2 years old)
In my last post, I wrote about Arthur Zaidenberg's Your Child is an Artist (1949).

Zaidenberg suggested children be given LOTS of (inexpensive) art materials, "lots of paper and many pots of paint and a wide variety of pencils and crayons for he will be induced to experimental and uninhibited productivity by a relatively unlimited supply." (pg. 60)

Zaidenberg's Basic Materials List:
pencils (drawing #2-#5; assorted colored pencils)
poster colors (a set of jars of paints)
water color set
brushes (5 in different sizes, "large brushes...will encourage him toward freedom of expression")
crayons (assorted colors; Zaidenberg suggested grease crayons; I use oil pastels in my classroom)
chalk (Zaidenberg suggested large flat pastels)
paper (large sheets of drawing paper and watercolor paper)
drawing board 24" x 36"
a child's easel
water jars, muffin pan for mixing, paint rags


"Habits are also most readily formed in childhood and once acquired are never a chore but part of a behavior pattern."

"The presentation of the first sketch book, preferably a bound one, should be made a significant occasion and each subsequent book should represent a step in the child's progress to be treasured."

"Persuade him to have a small sketch book with him at all times, to be filled with a rough record of all his adventures and the drawn details of their settings." (pg. 63)

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