Monday, July 14, 2014

Field Trip - Getty Center

My three-year-old creating an illuminated manuscript with dry erase markers
 The Getty Center has an amazing collection of art. This is a link to the collection website; click "Browse" and you get the option of browsing by object/medium OR theme/topic OR artist name. After seeing Degas' Dancer Taking A Bow, and Van Gogh's Irises, we spent some time in the Family Room.
Building a tube sculpture

Inspired by a David Hockney photo collage - Pearblossom Hwy

The Family Room is neat because little ones get to participate in the art, making masks, moving magnets and mirrors, constructing a sculpture, peeping into 70 tiny holes to view paintings, tracing insects, illuminating a manuscript, or curling up in a 18th century French bed with a bedtime story. (The link is to the real bed that inspired the little one in the Family Room.)
Taking a break with a cherry juice bar - Yum!
At the Getty, you pay for parking, but admission is free, and you can bring your own food and picnic.
Yes, you can walk on the grass.
Something we didn't get a chance to do (but I want to next time) is visit the Sketching Gallery.

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