Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Tailor of Gloucester

The Tale of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter has more than a few words that this 21st century Californian needs help pronouncing and understanding.  Here are the words I looked up:

Gloucester - pronounced GLAW-ster.

periwig - a highly-styled wig worn by men and women.  Marie Antoinette wore periwigs.

lappets - the two decorative flaps that hung from women's headcoverings.

pompadour - a type of cotton or silk fabric.  It is white with a design of small pink, blue, or gold flowers.

worsted - a type of cloth or yarn made from wool, so I assume worsted chenille means wool chenille

When I looked up "corded silk," I came across grosgrain, which was a popular fabric for garments in the 17th century.  As a little girl, my mother put grosgrain ribbons in my hair.  These are the ribbons with ribs, as opposed to ribbons with a smooth texture.

Again, wainscots is wayne's-cots, not wayne's-coats.

groat - a silver English coin (it wasn't worth much)

penn'orth - a penny's worth

thread-paper - thread was wrapped around folded paper, instead of spools

twist - thread, a strong twisted sewing silk

pipkin - an earthenware cooking pot

tippet - a long narrow piece of cloth, a scarf

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