Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our 2nd Grade Math Goals

By the end of 2nd grade, child can:
                        write numbers 1 through 100
                        add 1 to a given number using mental computation 
                        add 10 to a given number using mental computation
                        subtract 1 from a given number using mental computation
                        subtract 10 from a given number using mental computation
                        understand a quarter is 25 cents
                        count money (determine the value of a pile of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters)
                        make any total of less than $1, using the fewest coins (examples: .17, .65)
                        read a thermometer
                        color a thermometer to show a given number of degrees
                        understand odd and even
                        count by odd numbers
                        count backwards by 5s
                        identify the missing symbol in a pattern
                        use a ruler to measure a line segment (in centimeters)
                        draw a line measuring a specific length in inches to the ½ inch (ex: 4 ½”)
                        tell time to the nearest 5 minutes (example 2:25)
                        understand the phrase “half past” a specific hour
                        draw hands on a clock to show a specific time
                        divide a shape (circle, square) into four equal parts
                        identify fourths (one-fourth, two-fourths, etc. – fractional parts of a whole)
                        color a given number of fourths (one-fourth, two-fourths, etc.) of a shape
                        (shapes divided into fractional parts are limited to circles and squares)
                        identify eighths (one-eighth, two-eighths, etc.)
                        write a fraction to show how much of a shape is shaded
                        read a line graph (How many ___ are there? Of which are there the most?)

*In Charlotte Mason schools, children in Class 1b (a combination of second and third grade) mastered the multiplication table through 12x12.  Memorization of multiplication facts should begin.

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