Monday, June 10, 2019

Conversation About College

Gemma, if she were in public school, would have just finished 2nd grade last week. On the walk to the high school where her dance recital is held, she wanted to know about how she would go to college since she wasn’t going to go to high school. I explained that there are lots of ways to go to college, and that neither Daddy nor Mommy did things the conventional way. I told her that just because she wasn’t going to physically go to a high school campus, she would still be doing high school work. Then, I explained to her that in the state of California, homeschools register as private schools, which means that she can eventually graduate from our private school. I also explained that some people go to college at the same time they’re going to high school, and that the community college up the street accepts students when they’re 14. I told her that if, when the time comes, she wants to take a college class or two, she can do that. We’ll figure it out. I also explained that some people - like Daddy - test out of high school, and that Daddy went to college with his test scores, not a high school diploma.

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