Monday, February 18, 2019

Day in the Life - 2nd Grade

Today was a holiday for everyone else, but that just means that Mommy is home and Mommy is the one doing school with Gemma.

We started the day with pancakes and bacon. 

Then, I read Gemma a story from Genesis (about Joseph storing grain during “the plenteous years” and selling grain to people from other countries during the years of famine), a Eugene Field poem, a page in Troy & Greece (about Ulysses plotting with Telemachus about how to battle Penelope’s wooers), the last 3 pages of Lamb’s All’s Well That Ends Well, and the story of Wat Tyler’s Rebellion (I did not know that story - fascinating, especially in light of recent events and the men in the story joining the rebellion even though they didn’t know what they wanted). We did some Life of Fred: Decimals (we finished Chapter 20 and are now at the Bridge). We also did several Prodigy Titan Team Battles. We practiced Gemma’s Queen of Hearts lines for her role in the CC production of Alice in Wonderland (there’s a lot of “Off with your head!” being shouted at our house). She did a little kidztype, some spelling, some Spanish. some piano, and worked on a thank you letter. We each did 10 x’s on her cross stitch cat. She read a chapter of her We Were There Klondike book, and there was some cartoon-watching.

It was a cozy, lovely day.

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