Monday, May 7, 2018

Year 1: Week 35

This week, Gemma earned her white and gray belt in jiujitsu.
We went to "Verdi Tales," a performance for children, put on by the LA Opera. Before the show, there are activities and crafts like stage fighting, gypsy dancing, finger puppet making, and doge crown bejewelling.

Her favorite performer was "Maestro." In the play, Maestro Verdi, the tenor, meets three opera singers who each have a favorite Verdi opera. The singers have a tug of war with the book containing all of Verdi's libretti, and they rip the book apart, mixing up all of the operas. Here she is, after the show, asking Maestro why the gypsy from Il Trovatore wanted to put a curse on him.

This week was also the end-of-year party for Classical Conversations. Gemma learned how to make tissue paper flowers to decorate the tables...

...and the students in her class were awarded certificates for completing Cycle 3.

We read poems from Nature in Verse, 3 pages of Lamb's King Lear, The Good Shepherd, The Golden Key, a chapter of Seed Babies about bees, a chapter of Elementary Geography about hot and cold countries, a chapter of The World By the Fireside about blowpipes...and a dozen other things. We are still reading The Mysterious Benedict Society #3 as our bedtime reading. Piano was practiced. A couple of pages in Making Friends With Numbers were completed and division riddles were solved.

Here is Gemma diving. She says, when she's old enough, she wants to be a junior lifeguard. 😊

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