Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kindergarten Week 9

This week...

Gemma, my dad, and I went to the Big Fresno Fair (an annual tradition) to see the agriculture, livestock, gems & minerals, and crafts, and eat Bubba's BBQ for lunch.

Our first stop was the agriculture hall. Here are Grandpa and Gemma posed in front of a display of prize-winning produce.
Gemma and I rode a camel (because how often do you get to do that?!).
In the livestock building, Grandpa and Gemma played tic-tac-toe...
...and Grandpa taught Gemma how to play checkers.
Gemma competed in the pedal tractor pull again, and this year, with 50 pound weights, she almost made it the entire 25 feet.
One of my favorite childhood fair memories is in the Gems & Minerals Hall. It's a display of rocks that resemble food, called "The Rock Feast."
A close-up of rock bacon and eggs...
There is also fossilized dinosaur excrement. The sign reads, "Scratch and Sniff."
A medieval princess was taking her pet dragon out for a walk... 

Doesn't that make a great first sentence for a writing prompt? ;)
In piano, Gemma is finishing up her Level B book, and the Level C books are on their way.

We are two-thirds of the way through Life of Fred: Honey.

We read Good Queen Bess, and are continuing to read Little House on the Prairie, Prince Caspian, and Training Hearts.

There was weaving in the woods...
...tree climbing...
...and swimming.

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  1. Wonderful! You are giving your child an excellent education! Mom's know best! ;-)