Monday, October 3, 2016

Kindergarten Week 7

The week started off with Gemma singing a duet of "This Little Light of Mine" with her friend S during church, accompanied by the contemporary music director on guitar.

Because my district had the day off, I got to take Gemma to Classical Conversations. (This is something my husband usually does.) For science, they talked about inertia...
...and about how planets farther way from the sun take more time to revolve around the sun, than planets closer to the sun.
We went to Underwood Farms, about an hour away.
This is Gemma, feeding goats. You put your pellets into a cup attached to a belt, turn the contraption's handle, watch the cup travel up and dump your pellets into a bowl on the goat-walk above your head.
Gemma led the way through the corn maze...
...and pulled her friends in a wagon.
We rode the cow train...
After our ride, we walked to the raspberry brambles. Gemma picked about twenty raspberries...
She also picked, for me, two purple peppers, some little yellow tomatoes, and one big green tomato.

She went down the combine slide a few times...
...drove the mini-tractors twice...
...and visited the petting zoo.
Another day, my husband took Gemma to Temescal Canyon to play in the woods with friends and build a teepee.
I took Gemma to the movies one night, fed her popcorn and Junior Mints for dinner, and kept her up past all the other kindergarteners' bedtimes. We saw Long Way North. It was a hand-drawn animated French film with English subtitles, set in the 19th century, about a teenaged Russian aristocrat named Sascha, who travels to the Arctic to find out what happened to her explorer grandfather, and save her family's honor. It's absolutely gorgeous, and if you get the chance to see it on the big screen - do. Gemma had no problem will the peril, of which there is a lot, but she did cry at the end.

I ordered the set of Maestro Classics CDs. After listening to Pam Barnhill's Your Morning Basket podcast interview with the woman who created them, I had to. Gemma chose to listen to Mike Mulligan first (because she has the book), and The Soldier's Tale (which is marketed for ages 7 and up, and for good reasons). We also listened to part of Carnival of the Animals on the way to swim lessons. (We've listened to parts of Carnival before, and we saw a stage show inspired by the piece, which used several of its songs. My favorite song is "Fish.")

Gemma did one Duolingo Spanish lesson, went to dance class, learned "Hide and Seek" on piano, and went to a swimming lesson.

We read a little Training Hearts, Prince Caspian, Little House on the Prairie, and Life of Fred: Honey.

She drew this picture:
On Saturday, I assembled and piped icing onto a cookie haunted house kit from Trader Joe's, and she decorated it with candy. (I remembered to keep everything contained to a rectangular baking pan.)
Our friend Frankie sent us some presents from France via traveling friends. Here is Gemma absorbed in Un Aventure de Violette Mirgue.

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