Friday, April 15, 2016

Weeks in Review

Gemma just finished reading her third chapter book - The Magic Treehouse: Dingoes at Dinnertime. We finished reading Life of Fred: Apples and started Life of Fred: Butterflies. We are slowly reading The Ology by Machowski - an Easter gift from my uncle, aunt, and cousin - one page at a time. We've also been reading My Book House, of course. And, when the buses around town began advertising The Jungle Book movie, I started reading aloud Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. We're almost 90 pages in, and Gemma loves it. She occasionally speaks wolf in public, and I feel obligated to explain that she thinks she's Mowgli.

Here is an update on Gemma's root-view garden:
Her carrots are growing, too! :)
She made a spectroscope (and got pink cowgirl boots)...
And she built this from a Klutz kit called Lego Chain Reactions...
She's also learned a bunch of multiplication facts using Times Tales. The DVD has nothing to do with math and is so not CM, but I recommend it. I'll have to do a future post as to why.

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