Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week in Review

A smidgen of what we did this week...

We've been reading Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (we're currently on "The White Seal"), and we saw The Jungle Book movie. It's VERY different from the book, as movies always are, and while I did think the Peace Rock scene was amazing, I thought the movie veered too far away from its inspiration.

We are reading (and loving) Life of Fred: Butterflies.
For fun, I'm reading Life of Fred: Trigonometry. I'm on page 78. It's made me curious about the Fred as a stand-alone curriculum vs. Fred as a supplement debate. Before reading any Fred, I thought it was a supplement, but now, reading (and enjoying) Trig, I'm thinking it could work as a stand-alone. Thoughts on this?

Gemma is reading aloud The Magic Treehouse: Sabertooths at Sunset.

We did some Duolingo Spanish.

Daddy took Gemma to the beach, and stopped off for a Push-Up on the walk home.
This is how Gemma is learning to alphabetize:
I noticed this scene in Gemma's dollhouse, and had to ask what was going on:
She said that the girl in the tube is disguised as a palm tree. I'm assuming that the girl is studying a plan of how to disguise herself as a palm tree, to make sure she's doing it correctly.


  1. I've heard about Life of Fred math series but I didn't know they had other books. I'll have to check that out. Most people say they use the Life of Fred math as just a supplement but at your daughters young age, maybe it would work as a full curriculum. Since I haven't seen them myself, I probably shouldn't even give my thoughts. :)

    Funny story about the girl in the tube. Your daughter certainly has an imagination.

    1. Hi Elisabeth! :) We are having SO much fun with Fred. The chapters inspire larger conversations - and games! When we read about zero, we started playing "the zero game," in which we take turns saying silly things like, "There are zero monkeys in the glove compartment," or "There are zero shoes on my hands." Most recently, Gemma's questions have been about the commutative property, such as, "Is putting on shoes and putting on socks commutative?" That one made her giggle. :)