Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sweet Books for Beginning Readers

A question on the Ambleside Online forum got me thinking about my favorite books that are: 1)the same reading level as Frog and Toad, and 2)sweet. 

Frog and Toad are level K books (in the Guided Reading leveling system), so I looked back at the level K books my daughter and I have enjoyed, and here is my top eleven list of Sweet Books for Beginning Readers:

1)The Frog and Toad books (Lobel - all of them)
2)Ox-Cart Man
3)The Corduroy books (Freeman)
4)Caps for Sale
5)Curious George (the original)
6)The Frances books (Hoban)
7)If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (the original)
8)Harold and the Purple Crayon (the original)
9)Arthur's Christmas Cookies (Hoban)
10)Nate the Great (the original)
11)The Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa books


  1. Nice list! My kids also love Are You My Mother? By P.D. Eastman, Emmett's Pig by Mary Stoltz, Clara and the Bookwagon by Nancy Smiler Levinson. Those are the ones that strike me as sweet. :)

    1. I love Are You My Mother! I don't know Emmett's Pig or Clara and the Book Wagon. I'll have to see if my library has those. :)