Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Art Lesson: Beauty on a Snowy Day

This morning, I taught my students part 2 of an art lesson inspired by Utagawa Kunisada's color woodblock print Beauty on a Snowy Day.
Using Mona Brookes' five elements (circle, dot, straight line, curved line, angle), I broke the subject down for my students. I taped up a poster-sized white paper, and drew with a black marker. (The students used pencils.) If I wanted to "erase," I covered up my error with masking tape, and kept going.
We started with the eyes, followed by the rest of the facial features, then the torso then the hair, and finally the background. 

Next, I had students go over their pencil lines with fine tipped black markers.
These are some of the colors we chose: chestnut, gray, cadet blue (for the sky), red orange, blue-green, peach, and red (to mix with red-orange for the sunset.) We will also use blue for the kimono, and apricot for the umbrella, and...

Here are some of my 9 and 10 year old students' drawings:


  1. That is just great. I'm really impressed with the art that is a result of Mona Brooke's book. And you must be a really good teacher!

    1. Thank you, Elisabeth. :) Her book is an excellent resource. I'm not an artist, and I don't consider myself very good at drawing, but I'm good at looking closely.