Monday, April 6, 2015

Week in Review: Spring Break

This past week, we got to visit family. 

A while back, I bought a science kit that included a piece of dolomite. Dolomite contains calcium carbonate. The instructions said to pour vinegar on the dolomite and watch as the acid dissolved the calcium carbonate. Nothing happened. So we took our dolomite to Poppa because we knew he'd know what to do (he was a science teacher for 30 years, and keeps muriatic acid around the house). He added some acid to water and poured it onto the dolomite, causing a chemical reaction. The dolomite fizzed and bubbled as the acid dissolved the calcium carbonate.
Here is my daughter with Grandma, dyeing eggs for Easter.
On Thursday, we went to Grandma's Hebrew teacher Keren's house. This is my daughter with Keren's husband Kenny. He let her dig up leeks and use his knife to cut Swiss chard. Keren and Kenny have about 35 chicks, as well as some adult hens.

Here is evidence that Easter candy and cookies aren't the only things my daughter ate this week...
My daughter got to have three Easter egg hunts! One at Grandma and Poppa's, one at church, and one at Auntie Barbara and Uncle Al's house. Here she is on Good Friday, hunting eggs in her pajamas. (Later, she re-hid the eggs so I could hunt them. And Saturday, she asked Grandma and me to hide the plastic eggs around the living room so she could hunt again.)

 Here she is at the park with Poppa...
And here she is using a wooden mallet to play "hit the hanging tennis ball Grandma uses to gauge when she should stop pulling into the garage." She was determined to hit it 100 times, and she did. That kept her busy for an hour.

That evening, we went to an art opening. The cookies were from Mel's Famous Bakery. That's Mel with the ponytail and smile. My daughter chose a purple, rabbit-shaped, sandwich sugar cookie, filled with vanilla icing, and topped with purple crystal sprinkles. She shared a bite with me. It was sugar-cookie-perfection.
 This picture cracks me up...
 My daughter wanted to help Poppa build something in his shop. I suggested she sand a piece of wood. She liked that idea, so Grandma taught her how.

 Sunday morning, we went to church. Here she is with Grandpa...
 Between Easter breakfast and service, there was an egg hunt. My daughter looks so serious as she shakes that plastic egg, listening for candy rattling inside.
That evening, we went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. They gave her some Easter presents, including a set of Resurrection Eggs. Each egg has a trinket in it that tells the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. A donkey, silver coins, a cup, praying hands, a piece of leather, a crown of thorns, nails in the shape of a cross, a die, a spear, linen cloth, a stone, and the last egg is empty to symbolize Christ's empty tomb.

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