Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ph of Common Kitchen Liquids

I had some litmus paper, and my three year old wanted to "do" science, so I poured the first five liquids I could find and let her start dipping.
My daughter liked seeing the litmus paper change color, and she liked matching the color to the ph number on the chart.

  • Vinegar has a ph of 2.
  • The apple juice appears to have a ph of 3.
  • Diet Coke was a 4.
  • I read on another chart that black coffee is 5 (acidic), so my coffee was a big surprise - 7! - which is neutral.
  • Chocolate milk - Milk has a ph of 6, but the chocolate milk made the litmus paper look, well, chocolate. And chocolate wasn't one of our color choices. :)

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