Monday, April 15, 2019

One month away from 3rd grade...

  • History: Pete just finished reading Gemma Little Duke. (He LOVED it.)
  • Tales: This year, I had Gemma read half of Pilgrim’s Progress and half of Tales of Troy & Greece, two books on Charlotte Mason’s original programmes. She’ll read the second half of each book in 3rd grade. We have less than 90 pages of Robin Hood. 
  • Last song learned on piano: Arkansas Traveler; She’s two songs from completing Alfred Prep E so I’ll need to order Book F soon. One of the things that I like about the Alfred Prep series is that it’s filled with folk songs, so I don’t feel the need to add additional folk songs to her schedule.
  • A couple of the (many) books Gemma read this month: Green Ember & Matilda
  • Bedtime: We finished Cleopatra Confesses (with a couple of minor edits), and started The Tarantula in my Purse by Jean Craighead George (which is wonderful!!!).
  • Math: We’re on Lesson 16 in LOF Algebra.
  • Currently reading Trees and Shrubs. (Gemma said she misses natural history books with dialogue, so I’m looking at some dialogue-filled natural history options for 3rd grade.)
  • Foreign Language: Currently reading El Raton Pablito and Brandon Brown Veut Un Chien. 
  • Shakespeare: Gemma chose Merchant of Venice for Shakespeare, but is scared of the “pound of flesh.”
  • Bible: We’re finishing Genesis & Luke. Looking ahead to 3rd grade, we’ll be doing Exodus and Matthew. 
  • Poetry: Eugene Field
  • Artist: Mary Cassatt
  • Composer: Haydn
  • P.E.: Dance, swim, jiujitsu 
  • Handicrafts: Slowly cross-stitching a large cat picture
  • Geography: Currently reading The World by the Fireside. Recent passages have been set in Asia (examples: the Mongolian steppe, Tibet).

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