Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mid-Year Update: History

I overscheduled history.

So, I’ve decided to press the pause button on our readings from Discovery of New Worlds and Our Island Story (and Trial & Triumph, and Hillyer’s A Child’s History of Art), and spend a month reading Leif the Lucky and The Little Duke.

Update: We spent the past week reading Leif the Lucky (1/5 of the book each day for five days), instead of the history readings I had scheduled. It went really well. Gemma seemed to enjoy it. She retained a few details, had some curiosities, and didn’t complain about reading it. (This is in contrast to her reaction after reading it in one sitting when it first arrived months ago; she didn’t like it.) I’m looking forward to having her reading The Little Duke this way over the next three weeks. 

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