Saturday, September 1, 2018

Year 2: Week 11

Friday was “Admission Day,” which meant that I had the day off from work, and Gemma got an extra day with mommy. I surprised Gemma with a trip to the Science Center to see the IMAX movie Pandas 3D.

It was wonderful! Yes, it was about pandas, and yes, the pandas were too too cute, but it was also about the humans who have made it their life’s work to care for pandas and black bears. It’s a must-see.

After the movie, we spent the rest of the day in the Science Center. 

Here is Gemma checking out a cockroach’s circulatory and respiratory systems... the kelp forest ecosystem exhibit...

...drawing with heat...

...building with Tinker Toys...
A teeny tiny little sample of what we read this week:
  • Bedtime: The Hobbit
  • Genesis 16
  • Luke 7
  • Understood Betsy ch 11 (the end)
  • Discovery of New Worlds (ch 15)
  • Hillyer’s Sculpture ch 11
  • 50 Famous Stories Retold (Alfred and the Cakes)
  • Trial & Triumph (Alfred)

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