Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Year 2: Week 7

This week included a field trip to Santa Monica College’s production of the musical Madagascar. It was super wacky and Gemma loved it.

Daddy gave Gemma another bike riding lesson.

Stuff we read:
  • Understood Betsy ch 7
  • Spark of Life ch 3
  • Genesis 9
  • Luke 5
  • Tales of Troy & Greece (The Stealing of Helen)
  • Viking Tales ch 7
  • Our Island Story (Hengist and Horsa & Hengist’s Treachery)
  • Trial & Triumph (Patrick: Missionary to Ireland)
  • Discovery of New Worlds ch 12
  • Christina Rossetti poetry
  • 3 pages of Lamb’s Taming of the Shrew
  • 2 pages of Pilgrim’s Progress 
  • Elementary Geography ch 22
  • Bedtime Reading: The Hobbit
Two especially neat-o things that happened this week...

The first was while I was reading aloud Tales of Troy and Greece. I was reading “The Stealing of Helen,” and when I got to the part about Oenone’s reaction to Paris and Helen, Gemma asked why, if Oenone had the power to heal any wound, couldn’t she heal her own broken heart?

The second was while reading aloud Our Island Story about Hengist and Horsa. Gemma said, “Wait! I bet Hengist wants Vortigern to marry Rowena so he can be Vortigern’s father-in-law!!!” I knew of several good reasons to read fairy tales, but being able to predict the motivations of historical figures was not one of them; it is now.
Gemma had daily swim lessons, attended a magic show with animals (note the hedgehog) at the library...

...and completed another step of her sewing project.

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