Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Year 1: Week 29

  • Read The Velveteen Rabbit. (This illustrated hardcover version is the one we own.) Since we saw the play last week, I thought we should read it as our fairy tale this week. (The Velveteen Rabbit is included in Vigen Guroian's book Tending the Heart of Virtue: How Classic Stories Awaken a Child's Moral Imagination as a must-read.) It's such a powerful story, perhaps even more powerful for an adult reader than a child.
  • Read some poems in Nature in Verse, Bible, practiced cursive, practiced piano, sang songs, read a fable
  • Read 3 pages of A Comedy of Errors in Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare
  • Completed 4 (!) chapters in Life of Fred: Mineshaft. I ordered the next two Fred books (Fractions and Decimals), as well as a book that looked fun - Making Friends With Multiplication - from Educents.
  • Read a poem in Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography
  • Read a chapter in The World by the Fireside about Walking Leaves (South America)
  • Read On the Shores of the Great Sea about the end of Carthage and the triumph of Rome
  • played outside. My husband built this...(Gemma was upset because he'd just told her it was time to leave.)
  • More outside play

  • drew a picture of a guinea pig
  • Went to the California Heritage Museum's Art Quilt exhibit

  • went to CC. Their art project this week was about Roy Lichtenstein. Gemma was super excited to show me how she had learned to make block letters.
  • Went to jiujitsu
  • Went to dance

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