Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Year 1: Week 16

This is just some of what we did this week...

Gemma drew a princess holding a frog...

We continued to read poetry from the autumn section of Nature in Verse. In geography, we continue to read about North America and Native Americans. One of the chapters was about buffalo, and one of the chapters was about a topic that is part of few 1st grade curricula: the practice of senicide. Gemma finished Life of Fred: Kidneys chapter 18. We continued to read The Father Brown Reader. Gemma went to CC, jiujitsu, and swim, but missed dance due to a misplaced leotard. 

She did some cursive, practiced piano, did Duolingo. My husband took on some more of the teaching duties, as my workload this year - because of a new, mandated language arts curriculum; a new report card system; and for the first time under the current ELD requirements, I have the 4th grade English Learner cluster  - is heavier. My husband read Gemma 3 pages of Lamb's The Tempest, the Burgess Seashore Book ch 16, Why the Sea is Salt from The Blue Fairy Book, and a chapter from Plant Life in Field and Garden. In her free time, Gemma did several pages in Mathematical Reasoning Level E. We listened to some Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake & Pathetique) and looked at Van Gogh's painting Cafe Terrace at Night. We read Psalm 23, and her recitation passages. She worked a little on her sewing doll. In history, one of the topics we read about was Thermopylae.

My favorite Gemma quote of the week (in reference to Father Brown): "He's always fumbling with his umbrella and parcels."

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