Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kindergarten: Weeks 37 & 38

Gemma is now the owner of "Rose the Tadpole."
At Christmas, Gemma was given a frog habitat. The coupon that came with the habitat could be redeemed for a tadpole, but it was uncertain how long it would take for the tadpole to arrive. Because we go out of town often, I didn't want to order a tadpole that would arrive at an unspecified date. While looking into other tadpole options, I realized that at some point, if all went well, our tadpole would be a frog, and I didn't want to have to care for a frog.

I found a local aquarium shop that had leopard frog tadpoles (from Florida) and said that I could return the frog to the store after it metamorphosed.

The employees at the shop were very knowledgeable and explained to me that I needed algae wafers, water conditioner, and a submersible pump to oxygenate the water. Who knew raising a tadpole was so complicated? I also needed a little net ($1.99) to fish the tadpole out of its habitat once a week, to clean the habitat (with a paper towel).

If all goes well, Rose the Tadpole will metamorphose into Rose the Frog within three months.
Lots of our bulbs sprouted! We also have a pot of nasturtiums and a pot of lettuce.
Every day, a new rose blooms. 

We are reading two books right now - The Trumpet of the Swan and Avi's Poppy.

We spent a Saturday making erasers.
Gemma finished another round of swim lessons. She's still a Minnow, but she figured out how to do an underwater handstand.
We discovered two little mushrooms growing in a Venus fly trap pot...
...and one Venus fly trap is flowering!
So is the octopus plant!
Gemma turned SIX!
Happy birthday, my sweet girl!


  1. The Trumpet of the Swan is one of my all time favorites.