Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kindergarten: Week 36

One of the big things that happened this week is that we got to the Chapter 18 "Your Turn to Play" in Life of Fred: Jellybeans. This is the last "Your Turn to Play" in the book. We'll be done with Jellybeans in the next few days. Wow.

I taught our after-school co-op's lesson about leaves, and we went on a leaf scavenger hunt.
Daddy took Gemma kite flying on a windy day at the beach.

Gemma learned 5 Position Waltz on piano.

One evening, I let her do "Coding with Anna and Elsa."
We're still reading The Trumpet of the Swan. Gemma read ahead. I think she finished the book because she keeps telling me what Louis is going to do, but she said she only read "a little bit" I think so as not to hurt my feelings. She read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on her own, as well as a couple of Magic Tree House books. This kid...

She begged me to read a children's version of The Tempest, and - in the middle - was really concerned about what was going to happen with Miranda and Ferdinand. She loved it. 

She went to dance class one evening, and swimming another evening.

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