Saturday, March 18, 2017

Superbloom! (Kindergarten Week 30)

We took a drive to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to see the wildflowers. Because of all the rain we've gotten this winter, this year is a "superbloom."

Here are some of the flowers we saw...
...beavertail cactus...
...desert dandelions, desert sunflowers, sand verbena flowers, and dune evening primroses...
...parish poppies (yellow, upper left), monkeyflower (upper right), Arizona lupine (lower right), and chuparosa...
My husband, Pete, is showing Gemma a spider attacking a caterpillar. The large plant (right) is an ocotillo. We saw lots of ocotillos in bloom with flowers like candle flames.


  1. Beautiful, thank you. On my way to work this morning, i just saw the first green leaves on our skinny parisian trees who usually look so cold and bare in the winter.... spring time is coming. What a blessing ! Happy spring to you.

    1. Happy spring to you too, Frankie!!! :)