Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kindergarten Weeks 26 & 27

It has been so rainy the past few weeks!

Reading: It looks like this will be the year that Gemma reads the entire Magic Tree House series. Our current read aloud is Ronja: The Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren; we're halfway through it, and we're both enjoying it immensely. We just finished reading The Phantom Tollbooth. Gemma read about half of it on her own, which amazes me because it's a W (end of 5th grade) reading level. She loved the book and was excited to tell me all about the parts she read while I was at work. If you asked her which book she likes better (Ronja or Tollbooth), I think she would tell you Tollbooth. She loves the absurdity and the adventure.

Math: We are slowly moving through Life of Fred: Jellybeans. We've been learning about unions, intersections, prime numbers, and now decimals!

Gemma had a tiny part in a LACHSA student film. She was in one scene, playing the part of a little girl learning to dance at a cotillion.

At CC, they did Monet-inspired paintings.
At Tinker Group, Gemma learned to use a hammer and nails to make me a string-art Valentine.
She learned to play two new songs - The Magic Man and Yippee Ti Yi Yo.
And we took a field trip to the Getty Villa...

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