Monday, January 23, 2017

Kindergarten: Week 23

*Drew a girl washing a lion
*Went to Sunday School and Church Mice
*Went to the library
*Read alouds included some re-readings from More Milly Molly Mandy, as well as Fly Guy: Bats (which led to watching a YouTube video explaining decibels), My Book House, and Ken Ludwig's book (we worked on the gestures for Bottom's speech)
*Played with patterns to figure out which number would come next in a sequence (Fibonacci numbers). You'll notice that because she's a pre-writer, I write the math problems for her. She likes to write the answers, but I don't want to frustrate her by having her write out the problems.
*Introduced prime numbers (used manipulatives to illustrate the concept that a number of items can be evenly divided different ways, and that any number of items can be divided evenly at least two ways - one group of x, or x groups of one - and that some numbers can be divided evenly only two ways)
*Went to CC (recited Shakespeare: Man is but an ass...)
*Went to afterschool co-op and learned about the circulatory system. Ate snacks of red blood cell Cheerios, platelet pretzels, and white blood cell marshmallows...
*Finally decided to color and put together her Ellen McHenry brain hat
*Did Epes Sargent reading lesson about words ending with "-ence"
*Watched some Ronja: The Robber's Daughter on Amazon Prime. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme song... I think we may need to make this a read aloud.
*Worked on playing "BINGO" with the correct timing. Eighth notes are tricky. Also worked on "The Little Green Frog." Thankfully, there are videos of children playing this song on YouTube, and children's librarians singing it. I had never heard the song.
*Went to dance class, and learned some more of her "Rockin' Robin" tap routine

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