Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kindergarten Week 4

We released Gemma's painted lady butterflies. We kept them for five days, and let them go on the morning of the sixth, before I left for work. If only I could start every day this way. Look at that face.
On Sunday, Gemma sang as part of a trio in church.

That afternoon, she got to go to a birthday party at a place called Adventureplex.

We finished Life of Fred: Goldfish, and started Life of Fred: Honey. Gemma had a meltdown because Fred's pet goldfish died and he threw it in the trash. I told her that yes, it was sad, and that I could stop reading, but she didn't want me to stop, so we kept going.

We started reading Little House on the Prairie, and read a little more of Prince Caspian and Training Hearts.

Gemma was attacked by a giant ant.
Classical Conversations started up again on Monday.

She did one Duolingo Spanish lesson.

She worked on "Indian Song" on piano.

She made a rubber band helicopter with our co-op.
There was dance.
There was swimming. She worked on her dolphin kick, and something called monkey soldier something-or-other. It was a backstroke kick.
Our friend Patrick McGilligan (who knew Gemma before she was born) was painting the windows of our neighborhood video store, Vidiots. He let Gemma paint some stars...
...and help paint a robot...
...and paint a sun.


  1. I have got to get a butterfly kit. I have seen them over the years but always forget to order one. I think it would be so educational and fun! I love all the books you're reading to her. That's so wonderful.

    1. Yes! You have to get a butterfly kit. :) I got ours from Insectlore. I got one for a friend's daughter's birthday, and they let the butterflies mate and lay eggs, so now (with a host plant) they're going to see if they can watch the cycle again.