Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week in Review: Gemma as Supergirl

Gemma started the week as Supergirl in the annual 4th of July parade.
On Tuesday, she participated in a UCLA research study... because these are the kinds of things we do for fun.
As a prize, she got to select the book of her choice. The research assistants opened the cabinet of books, and Gemma pulled a chapter book off the shelf. I was surprised; I thought she was going to choose a picture book. But this is the one she wanted...
She read the first chapter to me on the ride home, and has read a chapter every day since. It's about a boy named Alex Parakeet who lives on a street where all of the residents decorate their houses for Christmas, and the decorations start to go missing. It's one in a series, so I'm curious to see if Gemma will want to read other Chickadee Court Mysteries after this.

In math, we started Life of Fred: Farming.

Mid-week, we had a park day with our Classical Conversations co-op.
We made a Figures in Motion Christopher Columbus, and read some of the D'aulaires Columbus book.
And Gemma earned her 10-hour reading prize from the library.

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