Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week in Review

The week...
...started with Classical Conversations. My daughter chose to present her Usborne soldier sticker dressing book, which was a big hit.
They also looked at some of Albrecht Durer's artwork, and - inspired by Durer - carved styrofoam stamps and used them to make prints.

The above flower print was a father-daughter effort. My husband drew the flower, and my daughter carved it. :)
A teacher cleaned out her cabinets and left some old 2nd grade math workbooks in the teacher's lounge for the taking. They're pre-Common Core, which means they make sense, and are no longer useful. So I brought one home for my daughter, and she completed a bunch of pages for fun on her own (fractions, symmetry, graphing, solid shapes).
Our home(pre)school co-op's theme this month is fairy tales & fables and their morals. The lesson was about The Frog Prince, and keeping one's word. They also played dress up and made finger puppets.
My daughter is now 3% fluent in Spanish (Duolingo).
I wanted to give away her BOB books because she's reading well, but she asked me not to. Part of me feels like they're just taking up valuable space in our very small apartment, and the other part of me understands that she enjoys having them because they represent something she's mastered. I know. I know. Young readers need books that are too easy, books that are just right, and books that are too hard to read independently but are just right to hear read aloud. I know this, so, for now, the BOB books are staying.
Her ballet class has begun learning their recital routine. It involves standard ballet moves with French names, as well as one move they call "the silly dance" which - the way my daughter does it - looks like the jitterbug. :)

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