Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week in Review

Last week...
We met up with our home(pre)school co-op for a lesson on resolving conflict. The kids made stoplights to remind them to 1)stop, 2)think of some ways to solve the problem, and 3)give one solution a "go."
At Classical Conversations, they looked at art by Fra Angelico. The art technique they played with was integrating "gold leaf" into a painting.
One night, she helped make dinner. She patted a steak dry, and rubbed it with salt and pepper.
She used a real knife to cut cucumber.
She and Daddy went to the Fowler Museum at UCLA to see an exhibit on masks and global African art. There was a mask making craft for children.
Her finished mask.
Ball change.
This is what happens when you give your four year old a container of body butter and don't supervise.
Note the toes.
The Usborne sticker books are a favorite around here. We've done folk costumes, ballerinas, action heroes, and now soldiers.

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