Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to Mary Prather for such a great list of things to pack in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

Yesterday, I showed my daughter this video...

She loved it. (She watched it again last night. Twice.)

She said she wanted to make a shoebox for a girl, a three-year-old girl, like her.

I had the day off from work, so we took the bus to the 99 Cent Store. Before we went inside, I reminded my daughter that we were buying presents for her little girl, and not buying things for her. We reviewed Mary Prather's list, and then we went inside.

Here is what my daughter picked out...
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, ducky wash mitt, brush, plastic cups (set of 2), Jungle Book Band-Aids, facial tissue
Necklace & bracelet set, Jake and the Neverland Pirates socks (she insisted on these socks), headband, sunglasses
Puzzle and stuffed puppy
Also in the box: watercolor paint set, crayons, and stickers
There are a couple more items we'll be adding to the box, like a card and a photo. And then we will be dropping it off at the nearest drop-off location.

Again, thank you Mary Prather for helping us get involved!